Success Stories

Optimization: Learning & Development

A leading pharmaceutical client engaged IT Cadre to complete a Current State Visualization to help identify the issues it was having with its Learning Management System (LMS). The company was convinced it had a technology problem. Early in the 90-day project it became obvious that while there were issues with the LMS and related technology, the problem was broader.

The client had experienced significant growth, as is common in its industry, and its infrastructure was struggling to keep pace. This was only going to be exasperated as it was projecting double digit revenue growth into the next decade based on its strong pipeline of new drugs and expansion into new markets.

IT Cadre identified four key areas that needed to be addressed:

  1. Culture – current culture was compliance training centric with no learning & development culture being nurtured
  2. Strategy – no evidence of an enterprise-wide learning strategy was found, no holistic view of the employees’ capabilities/experiences was being captured, and given the steep growth curve, proven talent was hired for a specific role rather than developed from within
  3. Operating Model – a purposefully chosen decentralized model was very productive in making quick decisions in the field, which is key when an organization is growing rapidly, but was challenged in implementing enterprise-wide standards
  4. Technology – the compliance focused LMS was being pushed to its limits resulting in the negative feedback that was the origin of this project, but in actuality that was just one symptom of the problem.

The client extended its relationship with IT Cadre to complete a Future State Visualization that addressed the issues found in the Current State as well as scale for the expected growth. IT Cadre then created a Roadmap to help the company think through and plan the projects to get from their Current State to their desired Future State. The client’s project lead summed up the company’s experience best by saying:

“IT Cadre challenges us every day and finds that right balance of questioning our assumptions while also providing solutions to our issues”.