Success Stories

IT Cadre’s Vision and Agile Development Helps Realize SOA Architecture

A nation-wide retail group recently turned to IT Cadre to help transform and modernize its business to a brick and click model with a stronger digital presence. In less than 60 days, IT Cadre worked with both business and technology organizations to create a shared vision of Web Services implemented in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This effort established an agreed to framework between the organizations that became the foundation for planning and implementation.

This organization needed to consolidate systems, implement web services, and integrate a major COTS product to rapidly build the necessary eCommerce capabilities. IT Cadre was asked to help with the implementation of the eCommerce COTS product and integration into the enterprise. Our team worked with multiple organizations to develop the best approach and plan. This major effort needed to be completed within a year.

Two weeks after the high level design was complete, IT Cadre’s Agile development team developed working code to demonstrate feasibility and functionality to the customer.

Using multiple teams and multiple sprints, IT Cadre was able to deliver the completed solution in less than one year. With a focus on completing the mission, IT Cadre worked diligently in a highly sensitive environment with many different organizations and companies to help this customer achieve its objectives in within a tight schedule.