Success Stories

Executive Leadership

A large U.S. state announced it was moving forward with a major technology upgrade designed to increase the scope of customer services, and the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. A major integrator was awarded the contract to design and implement the new system.

The program entailed:

  • Integration with other products/solutions including PeopleSoft (HRMS, FMS, SCM, CRM), Cognos (reporting), Engage One (correspondence tool) and Filenet (document archival)
  • Over 100 interfaces with outside agencies,
  • 200 unique correspondence templates,
  • In excess of 200 reports and/or queries
  • The state’s 23 different tax classifications or types, and
  • The conversion of existing personal and financial data back to 1970

The integration partner team originally planned to go live in one year with the new system. The plan failed with all deadlines missed and the program in jeopardy. Three years later, the entire project was reset and the number of contractors reduced from 250 to fewer than 20.

The new management team brought in IT Cadre to provide executive leadership and to lead the program recovery effort. In 57 weeks, IT Cadre was able to:

  • Significantly improve the overall project leadership, decision-making, and agile project management
  • Redefine the overall architecture
  • Improve communication with the client’s senior management
  • Manage the development of the “story” and project flow
  • Provide progress tracking tools
  • Generate Visualization Engineering® diagrams, analysis and recommendations
  • Provide expert support for Interface design and development, data conversion, system integration testing, and implementation planning.

As a direct result of IT Cadre’s leadership and agile program management, the project entered production 57 weeks after the program reset.