Success Stories

Building a Web Based Application in Weeks

An IT Cadre client needed to perform a review of hundreds of thousands of documents within a two month period to meet a congressional deadline. A customized solution was required and this client turned to IT Cadre to build it.

A solution was required that would allow over 100 reviewers distributed throughout the country to identify which documents to review and record the results of an 80+ point checklist on each document. The system had to manage the workflow and status of each document, collect the checklist data and provide reports to senior management on the progress of the review.

To complicate the challenge, the client needed the solution in production to perform data collection within a few weeks of the engagement starting. The IT Cadre team would need to push out major updates to the system on a daily basis to address new features and modifications. The document review team of over 100 people would have to work seven days a week to accomplish their mission. The client could not afford any downtime for system maintenance.

IT Cadre leveraged the agile development model using a small team of developers to create a Ruby on Rails application that went into production only two weeks after the start of the engagement. Using a cloud hosting model on the server side, IT Cadre was able to add function dynamically as the client further defined their requirements and added reviewers. Over 10,000 documents were reviewed through this system in less than two months and the results were reported to Congress.

In the end, our client was successful by leveraging the solution IT Cadre built for them.