Success Stories

Sunsetting a Supply Chain Management Module

IT Cadre’s Visualization Engineering® team was tasked by a large national organization to understand the impact of sunsetting a legacy application as part of an overall modernization effort. This module was a component of one of the world’s largest supply chain operations. While our customer needed to consolidate systems to meet budget reduction goals, the elimination of this module could potentially cause disruption in the supply system.

Using VIsualization Engineering®, IT Cadre provided a visualization of the end-to-end Supply Chain Management System through the analysis of thousands of pages of highly technical documents and reviews with stakeholders and users.

In 60 days, highly qualified engineers dove in and mapped out every system, interface and connection across the enterprise. Once the full picture was complete, the impact of retiring the legacy module was clearly understood. The team identified how the application had grown into places that were not part of its original charter. Simply turning “off” the legacy module would have negative and costly consequences.

IT Cadre worked with the organization to define a plan to retire the function of the legacy system without crippling the supply chain management process.