Success Stories

IT Cadre’s Visualization Engineering®

IT Cadre’s Visualization Engineering® brings a level of expertise for complex programs and operations that has been successfully applied to enterprise service management, supply chain management, cloud migration strategy, financial systems, eCommerce, customer communications and organizational transformation. We work with organizations throughout the United States and the world.

We provide business process re-engineering services and business organizational consulting using the analysis and integration of elements such as strategy, architecture, process, technology, finance, scheduling and organization to develop, invent, and design a shared vision for some of the most complex organizations in the world.  Our services include financial analysis and consulting services to determine the cost of the organization vision for new programs and Technical Debt for an organization’s existing technical assets.  Additionally we provide information technology integration services to help organizations realize their vision by optimizing their resources.

In each engagement, IT Cadre has brought significant insight and clarity to all levels of the organization and helped our customer to achieve key objectives. Our clients understand the importance of a unified vision. A small, upfront investment in creating a vision pays big dividends down the road on mission-critical projects. Our approach improves relationships between organizations, encourages collaboration and feedback, and identifies and addresses issues before they become expensive and difficult to resolve.