Our Story


“At IT Cadre, our people are our greatest asset. They have the deepest respect for our clients’ missions and goals, treating customer problems as their own and delivering solutions that go beyond expectations.”

– Mark Madigan, President and CEO of IT Cadre

“The best service, commitment, responsiveness, and working relationship that I have experienced with any supplier.” - Program Manager

IT Cadre is an innovative company with outstanding people and a distinctive methodology. We are experienced professionals with a track record of achieving results in an organization’s most important areas. We use Visualization Engineering® to provide our customers the context and end-to-end visibility to achieve their vision, with a pace that builds organizational momentum. We leverage Visualization Engineering® in any domain to help clients gain a shared understanding of where they are, a shared agreement on where they want to go, a shared commitment to the road ahead, and a shared focus on delivering results.

IT Cadre was founded in 2001 by Mark Madigan; he believed that the standard approach to solution design and development could be radically improved through Visualization Engineering®and agile program execution. Mark created a firm that fundamentally changes the way organizations achieve their vision.

Together with Mike Morrisroe, they developed and successfully implemented IT Cadre’s Visualization Engineering®. Through the years, we have been fortunate to have many talented, hardworking, and dedicated people join the IT Cadre team. We have the deepest respect for our client’s mission and business. We understand the importance of our work and trust our customers put in us to help them achieve their vision.

Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, IT Cadre has been a trusted partner for federal government agencies and commercial customers since 2001.