Success Stories


Helping organizations visualize, optimize and realize major business initiatives

Here’s the proof.

  • How do you untangle growing legacy systems from your modernization efforts? Learn how a large government agency tasked IT Cadre with analyzing system dependencies in their supply chain management system.
  • Is technology moving faster than your business processes? See how IT Cadre created an actionable roadmap to modernize communications at a large national credit union.
  • Can you measure the realization of a solution? One systems integrator turned to IT Cadre’s agile development team to define, build, test, deploy and support an e-commerce solution for a civilian government agency in only 171 days.
  • How do you quantify visualization and optimization? For one federal government agency, you start with a struggling enterprise program and transform it into the “Program of the Year” while saving tens of millions of dollars in redundant systems and resources. Learn how IT Cadre played a role in this transformation.
  • What can you do about immediate production needs? A large company turned to IT Cadre for our rapid application development and received functional production code within two weeks.

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